Mission, vision and strategy :

Target group of the association

ARMA-NL is a Dutch association for persons involved in and working in European and (inter) nationally funded research, innovation and education projects. ARMA-NL originates from the EU Project Managers network in The Netherlands (EUPMAN) which was founded in 2008. After 10 years of growth we decided in 2018 to turn our informal network with over 500 members into a professional association.


ARMA-NL wants to further professionalise the advice and support of European and (inter-) nationally funded research, innovation and educational projects.

  • Vision

    Professional support is a requirement when applying for and executing complex subsidy programs and projects. ARMA-NL wants to offer a platform for the exchange of expertise, knowledge and experiences. With specific specialist expertise, knowledge and experience ARMA-NL will develop into a center of expertise for its members. ARMA-NL strives for an association that represents the interests of all persons working in consultancy, management and administration of European and (inter-) nationally funded research, innovation and education projects. We want to be as accessible as possible and we encourage our members to take an active role and contribute to professional development and that of the association. The motto is "an association for and by members".

  • Strategy

    The association promotes professional practice by offering a meeting place and knowledge network for its members. In addition, the association wishes to represent the interests of the members in the economic and social field. One of the core objectives of the association is to strive for more recognition and appreciation of the specialism. It does this by pursuing the following goals :


    The association offers its members the opportunity to build a strong collegial network that is essential for professional practice. The association organizes meetings for this purpose and in the future also conferences, study trips and networking events. In addition, an accessible and intuitive digital platform is provided for online interaction between members. Interaction with and between members online or in person is a core value of the association.


    ARMA-NL wants to develop and offer targeted and specific training courses, provide an overview of externally organized training courses and courses of which the quality and content are tested, and develop a mentoring program for the personal growth and development of its members. ARMA-NL wants to contribute to professional growth in the field and ensure better position of its members in the labor market, for example through certification of the training courses and workshops.


    By guaranteeing the knowledge and skills of members, but also by actively gathering knowledge, the association will grow into an expertise center for its members. Content-driven work groups facilitate the sharing and building of knowledge that is shared with the other members. The development of the expertise center can ultimately lead to requests for advice from external parties and requests for the development of new knowledge and expertise.


    ARMA-NL wants to stand up for the interests of its members and is committed to improving the labor market position and career perspectives. Part of this includes a clear professional description and thus the definition of tasks and relevant job profiles (FUWAFAZ (UMCs), UFO (universities), etc.) of scientific support staff working in advice, management and administration. ARMA-NL feels involved in the European and national research agenda and wants to be a discussion partner for policy makers and decision-makers regarding research support. 

          * This objective will be developed  gradually over time, with input from ARMA-NL members.

  • Organizational structure ARMA-NL

    The highest decision-making body is the General Members' Meeting (GMM, algemene ledenvergadering, ALV). ARMA-NL also consists of a General Board and various working groups. Thanks to its structure, ARMA-NL is close to the daily practice of research, innovation and education projects, enabling ARMA-NL to quickly pick up signals and take action. ARMA-NL attaches great importance to the involvement of its members in all kinds of activities of the association. Members actively participate in committees, networks, work and project groups and are involved in future ARMA-NL publications. Individual members who are experts in a particular field are asked to share knowledge with other members in order to shape the expertise center.

  • Board

    The strategy of the association is determined by the board. The board consists of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight members, including the chairman, secretary and treasurer. They meet at least twice a year and prepare the General Members' Meeting (GMM).

    * Mandatory role

    • -Chairman: Mr Dr Christian Jagersma MSc. (UMC Utrecht)*
    • -Vice-chair: Ms Dr Ellen Schenk-Braat (Erasmus MC)
    • -Secretary: Ms Annemarie Vastenhouw-van der Linden BSc. (UMC Utrecht)*
    • -Treasurer: Ms Yvonne Gerhards (KTO Maastricht University)*
    • -Professional development director: Mr Dr Edwin Kanters (Amsterdam UMC, VU-mc location)
    • -Member: Mr Dr Martijn Gerretsen (Radboudumc)
    • -Member: Mr Ivo Schrijer MSc. (HAN University of Applied Sciences)
    • -Member: Agnes Glastra MSc (VU Amsterdam) 

    There are initially four working groups active within ARMA-NL, each working group is managed by a board member and supplemented with volunteers from the association. The working groups work on the achievement of the objectives of the association. Within the working groups various specific working groups can be set up if necessary. These working groups have in principle a temporary character (e.g. NIH, clinical trails).


    Responsible for realizing a professional network. The working group deals with the organization of the semi-annual meetings and the annual conference of ARMA-NL with regard to the content and logistics (administration, location, catering, etc.).


    Responsible for setting up, organizing and managing the platform for training courses and courses. Organizing, developing and executing training, workshops and knowledge transfer, possibly in cooperation with third parties. Responsible for organizing :

    • -Seminars (online and physical)
    • -Courses / trainings
    • -Coaching programmes
    • -Exchanges (national and international)
    • -Study trips (individually or in groups)

    Responsible for the realization of a knowledge management system through which knowledge can be retained and made available for reuse. The working group is developing an intranet environment for sharing knowledge.


    Responsible for external contacts with stakeholders (subsidy providers, RVO, EARMA, INORMS etc). The working group also ensures the promotion of the association, sponsorship, funds and subsidies. In addition, the communication is part of the tasks of the working group including the development and maintenance of the website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Board Members

Board member ARMA-NL
Martijn Gerretsen
Board Member
Board member ARMA-NL
Agnes Glastra
Board Member
Board member ARMA-NL
Ivo Schrijer
Board Member
Board member ARMA-NL
Yvonne Gerhards
Board member ARMA-NL
Ellen Schenk
Boardmember of ARMA-NL
Edwin Kanters
Commissioner professional development
Chair of the board
Christian Jagersma
Secretary ARMA-NL
Annemarie Vastenhouw van der Linden