Tue, Sep 17 09:00 AM

2019 ARMS Conference Adelaide

Adelaide, Australia

Tue, September 17 2019 09:00 AM



The 20th Australasian Research Management Society Conference 2019, to be held in Adelaide, South Australia. The theme of the 2019 conference is Research management excellence and impact: It’s our business.

Adelaide is well known for its rich diversity of academic research and innovative culture but did you know it boasts a rich and vibrant arts scene and a serious food and wine culture for those foodies and wine buffs amongst us!

In 2019 we also celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this professional society. In celebrating our 20th anniversary milestone we will take the opportunity to also acknowledge the contributions of some key past members who played a significant role establishing the Society as it is today with more than 3000 members and recognise areas of current best practice.

The conference will also showcase the diverse and far reaching impact our profession has on the advancement of the research enterprise including benefits to society, culture, our environment and the economy.

Are you interested in a conference program rich with content, which celebrates our profession? Do you want to be involved to contribute, strengthen, and build the future of our society? Or do you simply wish to take advantage of this fabulous learning opportunity, network with friends and colleagues, and party like its 2019?

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